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Ukraine Dating Agency

Your Advertisement 

Two of the questions I am always being asked is first , Can I send some examples of the advertisement and secondly , in what formats are the advertisements?

I am not going to offend anyone but please understand that I respect confidentiality. As such I do not send or forward any adverts that I have placed for a client . Again the individual who paid for any adverts to be placed gave me permission to 1) place his information within newspapers in Ukraine  2)  within the published information I am also given permission to publish a photo 3)  I am also given authorization to forward any other photos etc to any lady who responds to an advert.

Again I respect your confidentiality and I am sure you would not be happy if your advertisement with your photograph and information was being sent across the world via the Internet to other  individuals 

 Basically any advert placed is a photo together with a basic description of the man. For example - Successful 45 year old  businessman who is 1' 70 tall ,  weighs 78 kgs  and enjoys a good life is looking for that special lady up to 35 years old for a serious long term relationship. Children and the ability to speak English is not a problem .
All adverts include a local telephone number and a local  email address.
Advertising here is different than in many Countries and as such sometimes an advert will be placed without a photo and as such you could have 2 adverts with photo and 2 without. I do not know why but the adverts without photos sometimes receive a better response .

For an example of your advertisement ( opens in pop-up window)

Once again I respect your confidentiality and if you have any questions please contact me . I  have always stated that I started this in 2010 as a service to assist the serious individual who is sitting far away from Ukraine and must rely on what they see on the Internet. As I have decided to make this my home, I am annoyed that the many in Ukraine have a bad name because of a few, this is another reason that I decided to make the site. I know that there are many, many good honest people in Ukraine and your problem is finding them.

While I concede that I am not the 'font of all knowledge' regarding Ukraine and in particular the wonderful Ukrainian female , I am in a very good position to assist individuals such as you as 1) I do have the same mentality as you 2)  I live in Ukraine and also know their mentality 3) I do have an Ukrainian wife,  

So if you are serious about finding that wonderful woman from Ukraine, Stop Wasting Money!