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Ukraine Dating Agency

Understanding Ukrainian Woman

I have compiled a 'list ' of comments , suggestions and advice that will ( I hope ) assist and help you in your  'understanding Ukrainian Woman easier. Please understand that the contents here are  here to help you . These observations and thoughts have been made because of the numerous men I have met in Ukraine who have traveled 1000’s of miles to meet with an Ukrainian woman and end up disappointed and also because of the correspondence I receive

1) Do not make the mistake of thinking that in Ukraine , the ladies have the same comforts, amenities and facilities as you have living in America , England and the rest of Europe. Life for the average female in Ukraine is difficult!

2)  Many females in Ukraine work, they must! But the working conditions and hours are bad. For example here in Ukraine the working pattern for someone working in a bar is from 0900 until 2300, 7 days week with the following 7 days 'off' 

I know of females working in a local supermarket that work 2 days a week from 0600 until 1430 for 2 days , followed by working from 1330 until 2200 for another 2 days and then 2 days "off".

 Because many of these ladies have children and are without a male ( see the link at the bottom of this page ) and these ladies must shop. cook ,  clean and find time to sleep!

3) The salaries are low and many times do not get paid. For example, I have a very good friend who is employed as a Civil Servant, is second in 'command within her office and has a very responsible job. Her salary is 200$ a month minus deductions of about 35%. Another female I know has a 'take home salary' of about 110$ a month for working 190 hours a month (  0600 until 1430 for 2 days , followed by working from 1330 until 2200 for another 2 days ).

Recently a very large employer declared themselves bankrupt and they had not paid any salary to its workforce for 2 years! These people carried on working, hoping that they would get money and because of the economic problems, work here is very scarce. These people exist on the generosity of other members of family and friends.  Non payment of salaries is a common occurrence within Ukraine!

4) Up until recently computers where a rarity within the home and workplace. However today they are becoming more and more into both the workplace and home, but if the female works within a shop or somewhere without a computer or Internet connection, the only way she can connect with you is via a) An Internet Cafe or b) via an agency.

5) Taking into consideration the 'low salaries' , the cost of a computer and allowing for the modest low cost of Internet connection (about 6.25$ a month with limited access)  compared to many countries. This represents a very high percentage from her salary and with inflation running at a very high rate , unemployment also at a high rate and this lady must prioritise her spending and 'out goings"

6) While the Ukrainian female is very family oriented and this can be a good thing, it however can work against you. I have meet with men who have travelled 100's of miles to meet with an Ukrainian woman. These woman are a) Living with their mother, who is single and a pensioner. b) they do not live with their mother but the mother again is alone and a pensioner. These woman will be very reluctant to relocate and leave the mother to 'fend' for herself.

7) The Ukrainian woman believes that if a man is interested in her he will wait! I know of someone who, again travelled many miles to meet with a woman only to spend 2 days alone in an hotel room waiting for this woman to connect.

I also know of another, who spent 36 hours travelling to meet with a woman! The first meeting was successful and he asked to meet the following day and was told by her ' Yes, but she do not know what time as she am busy'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eventually , she telephoned me at 1830 and informed me she was 'free' and could meet with this man in 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

Some years ago a male friend of mine, arranged a 'date' with a woman. They where to meet at 1830 but at 1910 after no telephone call from her, I left and went to another bar!  At 2045,He received a call from her asking 'where he was as she was at the arranged meeting place'. No apologies, no explanations!I

8)  Many ladies will inform you that the 'speak basic English', this means they need a dictionary. But also from the 'other side' I get many requests about meeting Ukrainian ladies and all want them to speak good English. Please remember what I have already said about 'low incomes and rampant inflation'.  These ladies have choice to make. pay 7-15$ an hour for English lessons or 'live'. I have been here for 10 years and believe when I made the decision to 'learn and improve' my Russian. life became much more interesting and fun. So please try and Learn Russian

9)  Many Ukrainian woman will tell you that they are looking for a)  Commitment  b) Reliability  and c) Security

The commitment is because of the Ukrainian woman's 'thinking' they believe that if a man is interested  he will do all the chasing. IT does not matter that you are living 1000's of miles away, they want to see 'commitment' from you towards her.

Regarding  reliability this in my view falls into 2 categories first , I have found that the Ukrainian woman is extremely 'faithful' whereas I have lost count of the times I have seen husbands and boyfriends sitting in a cafe with other females. The second 'line' of thought about reliability is that 'the woman expects the man to make the major decisions regarding the 'family and household' and therefore relies on 'the man' to be able to make the correct decision.

About security, because the Ukrainian woman is very family oriented they want to know that 'food will be on the table'. The Ukrainian woman knows that 'at times' there will be problems but does not want as happens many times in Ukraine, the man will be sitting in a cafe while his children are at home without food.

I am not trying to 'paint a black picture' or 'talk you out of' looking for and finding that wonderful Ukrainian woman! I am asking you to understand the culture, the 'thinking' of an Ukrainian woman , the way of life of an Ukrainian woman.

 Try and learn and understand  the culture/mentality difference. It is worth it!