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Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

ukraine dating agency

 Ukraine Dating Agencies And Fake Profiles

As previously stated some enterprising individuals saw an opportunity and as such created the dating agency internet site with the opportunity to make a payment with a card.

All that was needed with the ‘new dating site’ was to create an admin panel or sub domain for each individual who wanted to ‘upload’ profiles of ladies from Ukraine.

This means that any unsuspicious male who pays ‘membership ‘ pays to the owners of the dating site but his photos and profile is ‘held in an area’ that can be accesses by everyone and anyone who has an admin panel or a subdomain. Which in turn means that one males profile could end up receiving correspondence from many females, all requiring money to read.

To make matters worse, if you look and can read Russian you will find adverts on the Internet from individuals wishing to buy dating profiles of “really beautiful girls” for about $50 while another is offering a “good client base of real girls” for existing dating agencies with the proposal of 75% of revenue generated by his ‘real girls’ for the agency and 25% of revenue for them.

Or as I have previously stated on this site -if you look on the internet it is possible  to purchase profiles. I know of one such site which offers  76000 profiles of Ukrainian ladies inclusive of - name,  birthday, , Languages spoken, Occupation, Religion,  Drinking habits , Smoking or not, Hair colour, Body Type, Height, Weight, Have Children, Marital Status, Life Priorities,  photos, Email address .

Fake Ukrainian Dating ProfilesYes, for a reasonable 'outlay and cost'  you can have a Ukraine Dating Site up and running with 76000 photos with information about Ukrainian ladies. Just sit back and wait for the money and letters to arrive from men looking for that wonderful female from Ukraine and it is the individual who owns the Internet site who is answering all your emails.