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Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency Terms & Conditions

Our aim is to help you to meet an Ukrainian lady online, and discover your true love . We can guide you and give you the tools but we cannot be held responsible for lack of dating, hopeless dating, loveless dating or anything that occurs whilst dating or during any contact with another member.

While we endeavour to make this service as safe as possible but we will not be held responsible for any other member's actions during online conversations or meetings.

If you are concerned that another member may have breached our terms and conditions, our privacy policy or our code of conduct, please let us know immediately.

In becoming a member of Ukraine Dating Agency and/or use this service, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our Terms and Conditions, Code of Use and Privacy Policy.

1.0 General

1. Our Terms & Conditions comprise the following terms and conditions, our Code of Use and our Privacy Policy.

2. We allow you to access our services and online dating personals website on the basis set out in our Terms & Conditions. By registering as a member and/or using this service you accept our Terms & Conditions, as amended by us from time to time. You are responsible for making sure that you are aware of any changes to the Terms & Conditions.

3. You may not register as a member of this online dating services website if: You are younger than 18 years of age;

You have ever been convicted of a violent or sexually related criminal offence;

You are currently in a marriage or long-term relationship.

The following is unacceptable

profiles from those under 18;

profiles or messages inviting purely sexual relationships;

profiles from married or attached people looking for extra-marital affairs;

profiles or messages containing sexual or suggestive language;

profiles or messages containing offensive, potentially offensive, threatening or abusive remarks, or remarks which are in any way unfriendly, even if these are in response to unfriendly behaviour;

profiles or messages containing libellous or unlawful remarks; profiles or messages containing dishonest statements, or attempting to portray the author as something they are not;

profiles containing pointers to external web sites, email addresses or phone numbers;

profiles or messages containing invitations to ring premium rate numbers;

profiles or messages promoting any commercial activity.

2.0 Your obligations

1. You agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions, and Code of Use, and acknowledge that failure to do so may result in the suspension or termination of your membership.

2. You warrant that:

the information that you have provided is about you and you alone and is true and correct to the best of your knowledge; you will not use the online dating services website for commercial purposes;

you will not include any  illegal information in your profile.

3. You are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy and legality of the information (which includes photos) on your profile. You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws when using the services and/or the website or in circumstances arising out of your use of the same.

4. You acknowledge that the information contained in your profile is potentially available to any internet users.

5. You agree to respect the privacy of other members and will not disclose the personal contact details of other members should they be provided to you.

6. You agree that you are solely responsible for your contact with other members.

7. You must notify us immediately if there has been a breach of your account.

8.  Only applicable to US Citizens and in accordance with US law you agree to complete the relevant documentation prior to any ladies contact information being given to you.

3.0 Our rights and obligations

1. We will operate this service to the best of our ability, however, we cannot guarantee results from the use of this site.

2. We will do our best to keep the internet dating services online, with minimum disturbance to you if we consider that online maintenance is required. If we do suspend the service for maintenance/updates, we will endeavour to resume services as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to members.

3. We have the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at our sole discretion.

4. We have the right, but no obligation, to monitor any disputes between members.

4.0 Fees

1. Any paid service will be provided at the current prices stated on our website at the time of purchase and/or in any communication with you. Ukraine Dating Agency reserves the right to modify these prices at any time without notice.  Requests for membership, addresses or other services are not honored until we have received authorized funding for the full outstanding balance.  All membership and service fees are non-refundable.

5.0 Data protection

Your membership details and content you send are private and are properly protected and as such However the information you give will  only be used as you intended and will not be passed on to any comercial third party .  For more please see our Privacy Policy


Please report any complaints or violations to  In accordance with the terms and conditions of Ukraine Dating Agency it is absolutely forbidden to post any offensive, violent, racist or pornographic texts and/or pictures or any illegal material that would violate anyone's private or public intellectual property.  This will result in immediate expulsion.

Ukraine Dating Agency reserves the right to modify or reject any member's profile that doesn’t conform to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

7.0 Abuse Of The System.

This website is a Dating Agency! It is only to be used by people who wish to contact others for romantic or friendship purposes. Abuse of the system will result in the immediate cancellation of membership. You are obligated to immediately report to us any instances of improper use that you discover. Our definition of improper use will include (but will not be limited to) the following:

To advertise, link to, or otherwise mention, another website other than your own personal site which offers further information about you.

To advertise, sell, or promote products or services. To propagate a scam – to attempt to extract money or bank details from other members.

To send large numbers of identical or near-identical messages to many different members.

To abuse another member.

To promote illegal practices, racism, offensive material, bigotry, hatred, or physical or psychological harm of any kind against any group or individual.

To promote information that you know is false, misleading, defamatory or libellous.

8.0 Personal Abuse.

We believe that every member has the right to use this service within a friendly environment. Instances of abuse are extremely rare, and will result in the immediate cancellation of the offender’s membership. You are obligated to immediately report to us any instances of abuse that you discover. Our definition of personal abuse will include (but will not be limited to) the following:

Racism, offensive comments or images, bigotry, hatred, physical or psychological threats. Continuing to send messages to a member who has no interest in you.

Attempting to gain money or bank details from another member for any reason, including money for visas, travel, investments, loans and gifts.

All clients, male and female stipulate the ages and/or age range of the persons they would like to meet and this is strictly enforced

Attempting to gain contact information from members who wish to remain anonymous at that time. Pressurising a member into a situation they are not comfortable with.

9.0 Spam.

Ukraine Dating Agency will NEVER use or tolerate any spamming techniques, you agree not to use your Profile to propagate Spam. Doing so will be regarded as abuse of the system, and will result in the suspension or termination of your membership.

10.0 Refunds.

Ukraine Dating Agency offers no refund of Membership and/or any other Services