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Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

My Objective - Why Ukraine Dating Agency

First a history lesson, I first created Ukraine Dating Agency in December 2010 after meeting several individuals who had travelled to Ukraine in the hope of meeting that Ukrainian lady. However every one of these individuals had experienced problems and all had informed me that I needed an Internet site to inform and assist the many who would come to Ukraine. For many years I resisted this idea but eventually, after meeting one particular man who was experiencing many problems, I decided to make Ukraine Dating Agency com.

Ukraine Dating AgencyAs a result the first Ukraine Dating followed the normal criteria etc. as every other dating agency site but with much more information regarding meeting and dating a Ukrainian lady. Over the years the format was successful however as it was intended as a service for the serious individual, I found that more and more non serious males where contacting me which in turn was taking up more and more of my time.

Now I will inform you that I am fully aware of client service but 1) as I state here I am not in need of any revenue generated by this Internet site  2)  I was spending more and more of my time forwarding on or answering emails from the non-serious individuals and 3)  While I am happy to assist , I was receiving more and more requests  regarding information about a) other agencies in Ukraine b)  services in Ukraine , for example a telephone number and email address of a restaurant in Kharkov ( which is 450km ( 280 miles) away from me.

All this takes time and money and repeating while I am very happy to advise and assist in any way, 99% of information I am asked for can be found on the internet and after I supply this information, the individual concerned will use another to reserve/ book/etc.

My goal has always been and will always be so 1) to assist the serious individual to meet genuine Ukrainian women 2) to assist the genuine and serious individual appreciate and enjoy Ukraine 3) to educate men,  to help prevent them from being taken to the cleaners, and to help them succeed in their quest.

As I have already stated, I do not need any financial benefit from this only enough to ‘keep it on the Internet’, something for my time with a little left over for a few beers.