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 Flowers for a Ukrainian Woman

Bouquets of beautiful flowers are one of the best gifts for ladies. All women love flowers and accept it with pleasure, more so in Ukraine where flowers play an important part in ‘courtship and romance’

The Culture of  Flowers in Ukraine

People give flowers on a variety of occasions and there are never too many of them. Most often they are presented in the courting phase. But it is necessary to bring flowers for symbolic milestones from the time of the first date with a Ukrainian woman. You should also bring flowers for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, and for many other holidays. A good example of this is May 8th ( Ladies Day in Ukraine) on this day flowers are virtually compulsory and the quickest way to to have problems in  a relationship is to  forget to give any lady in his life flowers on this day.

What the Amount of Flowers in the Bouquet Means

Choosing flowers for a date, you need to take into account its quantity. This can be a number that symbolizes a specific date but it must be odd:

  • 1 flower is given to a woman who is the meaning of life for a man.
  • 3 is a standard amount. It also may be the proof that a man is ready to do anything for a woman.
  • 5 flowers are a declaration of love.
  • 7 flowers are for girls who are students.
  • 9 flowers confirm your friendly attitude to a woman.

Gifts For An Ukrainian Woman

A gift for her birthday or just to say 'I am thinking of you' . Maybe t is her sons or daughters birthday or even your 'future mother in laws' birthday. You are there and she is here in Ukraine! No probem, Ukraine Dating Agency is more than happy to consult with you and arrange the perfect gift of your choice to be delivered.

Another Good Idea

Something that is always very popular to receive , especially around a holiday in Ukraine ( New Year for example is a leading Ukrainian supermarket gift certificate. Why you may ask? First , as you may know the economic situation in Ukraine is not as good as in your Country! Second,by arranging for one of these 'gift certificates' to be delivered to your Ukrainian lady you can be sure that it can only be 'spent' on food, etc' and when she sits down to the table her family will be very impressed! The gift certificate can be  for any amount you choose!

English For Your Lady

There is an Englishman living in Melitopol ! He has lived here since 2002 and one of his ;hobbies' is teaching English! He has an office in the centre of Melitopol which is equipped with everything that is needed to teach.  He is not like Ukrainian teachers who 'teach English and only concentrate on grammar", for he teaches 'spoken English'.  You will also find that he charges less money than the 'normal Ukrainian English teacher' living in Melitopol and he will 'keep you posted' regarding 'attendance and progress'

Do not want to join Ukraine Dating Agency? Do you want to communicate direct with ladies from Ukraine? We have the answer!  Place an advertisement over a four week period plus on the newspaper's Internet site in Kiev  , Dnipropetrovsk , Kharkov , Lviv , Zhitomir, Rivne, Melitopol and Odessa. Yes , up to  64 adverts in the major Cities of Ukraine. So in essence an advert placed is not only cost effective but also an easy way  of you meeting and finding that wonderful Ukrainian female.

It goes without saying that any gifts/presents and/or flowers ordered via Ukraine Dating Agency that on delivery photographs will be taken and sent to you to your email address.

We are more than happy to discus your requirements via telephone, Viber or Skype so please contact us.

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