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Ukraine Dating Agency

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why are your fees so low

 The answer to this is simple!  First,  as I have said here and what you need to understand is that the vast majority of agencies in Ukraine do not have their own site! Some years ago some enterprising individuals understood this fact and so created sites that allowed the agencies in Ukraine to 'display; the ladies who where looking for someone such as you. Also in Ukraine it is very difficult to obtain any system that will allow the agency to collect payment for membership , etc. So the enterprising individuals created the site and collected the payments , the agencies displayed the ladies and received a percentage from what you paid sent via Western Union or a similar service.

 I have also based the costs on 'living in Ukraine' where and once again the cost of living in Ukraine is considerably cheaper than in other Countries. It is you that is comparing everything to 1) the cost of living in your own Country and more importantly 2) have listen to the propaganda and nonsense 'put out' by the many other agencies.

 All I am doing is creating a much needed “service” what is believed to be a simple , efficient and  cost effective  approach for the serious individual to find that wonderful lady from Ukraine.

2)  I am not sure how the correspondence works?

Ok, Your First Letter to any lady on this site is 'Free' and her response will be forwarded to you free of charge.  However after this it is then for you to decide if you wish to continue with the correspondence you can purchase 'blocks' of 5 letters for $20.

You simple purchase 5 more letters than can be used in anyway. for example you send 3 to the lady and she responds twice.

3) Why do the letters need translating , I have google translator .

The answer to this is ;- Yes, online translators are improving but they still not perfect!  Many men write using local colloquialisms and/or idioms that many times get lost in translation. Believe me I have spent many hours talking to both men and ladies trying to ' get a good relationship back on track' because of 'bad translation'

4)  How do I place this advert in the newspapers?

Just send us your information and we will 1) translate it into Russian 2) place the advertisement  in the newspapers. 3) we will take all phone calls from anyone who responds to your advertisement 

 However please note - we will 'place' your advertisement in accordance with your wishes but understand that we have no control who will respond.  But all individuals who do respond will be 'checked' to ensure they are not scammers!

For more information regarding your advert please go here

5  I do not know any of the language, and some of the ladies no English. Do you recommend such a relationship?

The short answer is yes! OK Ukraine's predominantly Russian 'speaking' and if all is 'good' between you and her, to relocate she will have to learn English. But in the meantime and especially during your first meetings you will use a translator.

However, eventually things will become more intimate between you. Is the translator going to 'sit' in the corner of the hotel room and translate for you during you moments of intimacy? Also, you must take into consideration that you will meet her family and to be able to speak 'some' Russian, will go a long way to impress. I do talk about this here and the Language Barrier. We will always tell you that to be able to speak Russian will go a long way to convey your genuine interest in forming a lasting bond with her and for the small amount it costs for a Russian Language course, it will be money well invested.

6)  Translators

When you visit and meet the lady , we can arrange a translator at a minimum cost. By this what I mean is  over the years I have built up a network of good honest Ukrainians and in most Towns and Cities in Ukraine I know translators who have a good command of English and they are considerably less expensive than the 'normal' translators and interpreters.  

7)  I have meet a lady and want to travel to meet her, will you assist?

 You have a number of options which include assistance from us.  

8)  I have never been to  Ukraine and the thought scares me a little. 

Ukraine is as any other Country, just use common sense and you will be safe. But If you have any worries or concerns, please read this or contact us 

9 ) I am over 50 years old and want to meet with someone who is 20 years old! Is this realistic ? 

 First of all, yes it can happen but please ask your self this question- Why would an attractive 20 year old woman want to have a relationship with me!  Be realistic, do not fall in love with a picture! Are you making problems for yourself at a later date by having a relationship with somebody 30 years younger than you!

If you have any other questions , please contact me as I am only to happy to answer.


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