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Why do not Ukrainian ladies marry men from their own Country?

The straight answer to that question is, they do. Ukrainian girls have relationships and marry local men every day of the week.

However, some Ukrainian women, due to reasons of personal nature (involvement in studies or career, high requirements, insecurities, poor communication skills etc.) are unable to find a man to get married. As they mature, the demographical profile of their age group changes and women outnumber men, making it difficult for single females to find a partner for a committed relationship.

Ukrainian women decide to join dating sites only when they have run out of options at home. Very few people ever have a dream, “I only want to marry a foreigner.” They date at home, aren’t successful in finding a lasting relationship that could potentially lead to a marriage, and then they look around and try other options, which they believe could give them what they want — a good husband.

It is a fact that in Ukraine a single 25 year old Ukrainian female becomes rather desperate to get married. Many girls who hastily married at 18-20 years old will be divorced within 1-5 years, and often left to bring up a child on their own. The father’s participation in the child’s upbringing is rare as sharing custody is an alien idea to Ukrainians, and so the children usually live with their mothers.

It is also a fact that a Ukrainian woman with a child is considered “damaged goods”, and has fewer chances of remarrying. On top of this the general opinion among Ukrainian men is ‘Why should I pay good money to bring up another man’s child’

Also as previously stated on this site, demographically from about the age of 30 there are more women than men. The males to females ratio is 85/100 in Ukraine. You don’t need to be an expert to see why it’s hard for a woman who hasn’t found a partner by the age of 30 to get married.

Another interesting fact is compared to figures from 10 years ago, life expectancy in males decreased in Ukraine, and the overall sex ratio (males to females) imbalances increased.

So it is not getting easier for Ukrainian women to fulfill their Destiny.

 What marriage means for women from Ukraine

The reason why Ukrainian ladies seek to marry men from other countries is the same as females in  your Country, to be together in sickness and health, love and cherish, care for each other. The preferred notion among the ladies of Ukraine is for a marriage that lasts a lifetime and as such divorce is considered a failure.

 However, the meaning of marriage for a woman is not only partnership but also gathering a respectable social status. A married lady will value herself higher than her unmarried friends, because she managed to get a man to commit to her. An unmarried woman over 25 is looked down upon, as she was unable to find a man who would put a ring on her finger. In a way, you can say that Ukrainian women are brainwashed into believing it is their purpose in life to find a husband.

By the age of 22 a Ukrainian woman is considered deficient if she is not married.

By the age of 25 a Ukrainian woman giving birth to her first child is considered “an old mother” in the official medical terms.

By the age of 30 a Ukrainian woman is considered a spinster.

 One Ukrainian female said to me

“Everyone knows what the meaning of life is. For women it’s  their family and children,. That's it. Simple and clear.”

 Another said

 “I believe that the meaning of life is family. A woman should find a worthy husband and give birth to a child. And all her life she will be contended.