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Why do men send money to Ukrainian female's they barely know?

Ukraine woman the truthI received a great many emails from men asking for advice regarding sending money to Ukrainian ladies they hardly know. Now in spite of the huge number of articles about online dating scams,  men still actively send money a women they have never met in person . So guys, why do you send money to Ukrainian women you have never met in person?

As you know and can read on on the Internet plus I have already told you how many agencies 'work'   It may seem cruel to play with the emotions of somebody, but men should be very cautious and not be naïve.

However, looking for an Ukrainian wife has become increasingly common and I heard about a  man interested in an Ukrainian female sending her as much as $1,000 a month while she’s still in Ukraine, just to get her to come over to his Country. . From my experience and from the emails I receive I can say you that some men will gladly do this for months, even years, while proudly telling their friends about how in love he is with his wonderful Ukrainian girlfriend.

Also, many men will do this even though they have met this woman a handful of times. Some men will do it even if they’ve never seen her in their entire life! They may have only communicated with her via phone calls or even e-mails. Sending dollars to a woman you’ve never met undoubtedly seems insane to a wide group of people.

After all, think about online dating sites in America or another Western country like Germany, UK or France: would you send money every month to a woman in your home town that you’ve communicated with only via email or Skype?  Hopefully, not. Yet, hundreds of men send huge portions of their income to a woman they’ve never met for extended periods of time, hoping to get the woman of their dream.

You can never underestimate the power of true loneliness: many men fool themselves into believing that the “love” they have with their Ukrainian lady is real and true. Many others are more cynical: they believe that you can “buy” a woman’s love if you send her enough money. Surely, that beautiful Ukrainian woman will fall in love with him if he sends her $12,000, right?

And then there is the cliché of the “knight in shining armor.” Many females in Ukraine often describe desperate, unhappy situations in their homeland, that they simply have to escape. The only way she can escape, though, is through the money sent by the “man of her dreams” in America.

This scenario is highly tempting to a wide group of men. There’s nothing more tempting or romantic than coming across as a dashing savior. Many men who send off a third or even half of their paycheck to a woman they might never meet, undoubtedly feel a sense of moral superiority. After all, they are dashing to the rescue of a beautiful woman. What man hasn’t fantasized about that at some time in their life?

The sad truth of the matter, is that men often willing let themselves get duped or seduced by a “too good to be true” situation. They have nothing better going on in their lives and lack the sense of adventure that helps a man feel alive and important. By creating a scenario where they are a type of “conquering hero,” they are creating a (false) sense of adventure that makes them feel more alive. This is true even of those men that know they are being scammed.

However, this isn’t to say that all Ukrainian females are scammers and. there are a few basic tips you can follow to avoid these scams and stay ahead. Many of these tips are pretty simple to understand and may even be obvious to the average person. However, for the love sick person who isn’t thinking straight, these tips may be essential to avoiding heart ache.

First of all, you need to consider how much money your potential bride is asking you to send. Obviously at some point, you’re going to have to pay a little money for a plane ticket to get your lady to your home country. You may even have to help pay for processing her Green Card / Visa paperwork. But, would somebody that really loves you ask you to send them thousands of dollars, before coming to meet you? And think about this 1) she has no International passport, well that is easy to obtain and does not cost a fortune and she does not need the assistance of a travel agency or any other service to obtain a passport 2) E- tickets are easy  to buy and you can do this yourself for her and send the E-ticket via email.  

It is worth pointing out that in my experience  that when a female contacts a man asking for money to purchase a plane/train ticket and they are informed that an E-Ticket will be sent and not the money , the lady soon disappears  For any VISA , she will not get one without you being at the Consulate with her. Just imagine what your Consulate will think when a young attractive Ukrainian female in a short skirt arrives asking for a Visa to travel to your Country!

I think you know the answer to the question. If somebody is asking you for money, you are likely getting scammed. Don’t let your emotions connect with a picture and a few e-mails. Find one that doesn’t ask you to send  money every month.

Trust me  Honest and Genuine Ukrainian Females Do Exist,.

You Are Just Using The Wrong Methods 


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